Apparently this place is really close to very observing villagers. People live and work right next door to this place, although its located in a very peaceful and beautiful area.
It is meant to be difficult to enter, but once we found the place to get in (all windows and doors were covered by wooden panels), we managed to get in quickly and unnoticed.
Inside we had to be very quiet so people wouldnt notice our presence and kick us out. We were a little bit disappointed that the whole building was empty; no furniture, materials, objects, books or traces of it being inhabited whatsoever… But the place itself was very peaceful.

Pentacon six TL, FujiChrome Provia400

Pentacon six TL, FujiChrome Provia400

Pentacon six TL, FujiChrome Provia400

The next photo was taken in a different building then the shots before, but still part of the same sanatorium. It was more in the woods down a hill. Here it was completely trashed. The stairs to the top floor had completely disappeared. So the only way up was a rusty little fire escape on the outside of the building… Luckily I went up, because there I found this little beauty of a room!

A room with a view
Pentacon six TL, Kodak Ektachrome E100VS

Germany, August 2008.


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